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Micro SD storage cards manufactured by Samsung Group.

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Sd Card No media error

My card is not working when i plugged it in it gives no media erorr

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When connected through USB, your SD card may not be detected by your PC for a number of reasons

Your SD card can be imperfect or damaged, which would make it insolvable for your PC to fete it. Check a different SD card to determine if the issue still exists.

Connection problems corroborate that the USB cord is performing duly and that your phone and PC are duly connected. To see if the issue is fixed, try an indispensable USB string.

Driver problems The SD card may not be linked if your PC doesn't have the needed Drivers installed for it to fete your phone. Attempt to gain and install the most recent drivers for your phone from the maker's website.

Incorrect settings Check the settings on your phone to insure that it's set to transfer lines and that the SD card isn't being used as internal storehouse.

Outdated software Make sure that both your phone and PC have the rearmost software updates installed, as outdated software can beget comity issues.

Still, it may be helpful to consult with a professional or communicate the manufacturer for farther backing, If none of the below results work.

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