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Disable storage function of USB ports.

Some co.s disable the USB ports on their computers in the BIOS for security reasons. But USB ports serve a lot of different purposes. Could a device driver be written for the ports that would disable only the storage drive function? Plug in a mouse and it works. Plug in a flash drive and it doesn’t.

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If you are running Windows and have an AD domain, then you can do it via policy (see below)

This is not specific for USB drives. It applies to SD cards as well as CD-drives and many more. You have many options to choose from.

Block Image

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Hi @sarlagri ,

Don't you still have to tweak some Registry settings to do this for Win 10 Home editions, or alternatively download 3rd party options to access it?

I thought that Group Policy Editor was only included by default in the Pro and Enterprise editions.



Right, as @jayeff suggested you can also let 3rd party software do the job for you; some freeware solutions: https://listoffreeware.com/best-free-usb...


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