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The HTC Vive is HTC's first virtual reality headset, co-developed with Valve and released in April 2016. The device's model number is NM80PJT100.

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How to diagnose my HTC Vive Base Station?

One of the two base stations is giving me the dreaded blinking red LED. SteamVR gives error code 10010, and pointing my phone at the tracker shows 9 active IR lights coming through in the main grid, and one down below.

Sadly where I live, shipping this base station back to have HTC take a look at it will cost a ridiculous amount.

Is there any good guide for opening up the base station and testing to find what IS faulty?

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Hi Medina, I know it's been almost 2 years but I just wanted to add an answer for any future people who are facing this problem.

It seems like one of your laser diodes died. There should be 2 lights, one on the right side and one on the bottom. Here's an excellent repair video, you can use a jimmy tool to get rid of the adhesive. A new diode will set you back about 50-60USD if you can find one.

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Which video do you mean? I dont see a link and i have also this problem


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