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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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Touchbar not working Display Change

Hello, I’ve got a question. MacBook Pro A1989

i replaced my screen with a new one but apparently it was screen for the A2159 Modell (no Touchbar but same year as mine)

I noticed that the camera, the keyboard backlight and the Touchbar are not working and there are no options for it in the settings anymore. Coinsidence? Aren’t those screens interchangeable?

Ive heard that sometimes the camera and the keyboard backlight are not working when changing screens but the Touchbar?


oh and there is no Touchbar process in the activity monitor it’s like there is no Touchbar on my Modell at all.

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Make sure you've ID'd your system correctly! I would recommend you plug in your systems S/N here to make sure you've correctly identified your system EveryMac - Lookup


Yeah so I apparently got the A2159 and the screens is for that machine but those things aren’t working since the display change. The Touchbar was perfectly fine before..


@myth14 - So we took a left turn here! You do have the correct display as you have a A2159 system and you got the A2159 display - Two Thunderbolt model (see second parts listing below).

So either you either got a bad display or something got damaged in the process.


I don’t get it, on Wikipedia it says I’ve got the A2159 and on Ifixi it says A1989. I do have 2 thunderbolts but a Touchbar too so it’s the A2159 right? Yeah I bought a A2159 one from an eBay seller so I guess it’s the right one, can I check this in some way?

The screen is working perfectly fine, but I got no camera, no keyboard backlight and absolutely no Touchbar. Those things weren’t broke before so it must be the display right? Maybe he sold me a A1706 or A1708 one?


@myth14 - You selected the wrong system off of the iFixit systems listing. I fixed it! It is now set to the A2159 system which only has two Thunderbolt ports.

Here's the correct guide: MacBook Pro 13" Two Thunderbolt Ports 2019 Display Assembly Replacement

As far as the display you'll need to see if your original display works by putting it back on (assuming it is still wrks enough to test things)

As far as what you were sold I have no clues! I rarely buy things off of Amazon or eBay as there is just too much to chance! I've given you the correct parts info below with a good supplier.


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Time to get the correct display for your system! Return the display you got by mistake to get your money back.

4 Ports:

2 Ports:

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According to this website, MBP 13” 2018 and 2019 should be compatible.


I did change 2018 (A1989) screen to 2019 (A2159) and while testing the result, I touched the touch bar digitizer connector by chance and it was overheating. After that, the screen worked well but the touch bar didn’t work (By the way, I did not remember testing the touch bar before replacing the screen so I was not sure if it was working before that or not). Then I ordered a touch bar from Aliexpress to replace it. However, after the replacement, the LCD part worked (it means I could see all the images) but the digitizer did not respond to touch.

I then tested the voltage of the L5100, and on pin 1 (the digitiser connector side) was really low (it was around 1v when it should be around 5v), also the resistance of the L5100 was very high. Fortunately, I had a dead logic board of the same model so I replaced the L5100. After that everything worked as it should be.


Block Image

Block Image

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@leelegend - Please make a note in the Logi.Wiki site of your discovery so others aren’t mis lead.


Hi Dan, I am not sure what you mean but on the Logi Wiki site it does mention that “2018-2019 TB MacBook Pro screens are fully compatible.”


@leelegend - You can post your issue within the Logi.Wiki so others won't fall into the same trap. I personally haven't tried this mismatch between the A1989 and A2159 displays. So what did you do which shorted things out? Or is the display not compatible?

You will need to create an account to post there.


Thanks Dan. When I think about it, it looks more likely that the touch bar problem happened by the connector was not fitted properly and created a short. Because after replacing the new touch bar it worked normally. If the screen were not compatible it would damage the new touch bar. So we have to be careful when connecting the Touch Bar connector. Thank you for your advice.


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