My phone is on but turns completely black 9 times out of ten.

Recently I dropped my phone completely in cooking oil. It was submerged. I could still see the phone was on in the oil when I grabbed it out and surprisingly. No damage had been done except some oil in the two speakers. Other than that it was just as normal. I clean the screen with paper towel soap and water. Got all the oil out of everything. I turned on a sound to attempt to get the remaining oil out of my speaker. It worked but I was still skeptical it was up to par like it used to be. Though I had no clue It was just a suspicion. Now, I normally shower with my phone and no water damage has ever occurred, EVER. Now for my genius Idea, In the shower I could hear my songs, But I thought it was Less Loud than usual. So, My idea to fix this was to… Pour soap and water in my speakers. (Mixed together It was a soap water mixture) I had figured since my phone had literally survived with no damage submerged in liquid before. What harm can be done with pouring it into a part like the speaker alone… So I did.. And I regret it. I poured a few drops.. And the screen started glitching out. Lines would form on the screen and would turn different colors then fade only for a new line to come in, In it’s place in some different area of the screen. I freaked out and immediately did all I could to get the water out. I’d figured it was water proof but I guess I was wrong. I Played A sound to get water out of the speaker. I dried the speaker. I put it next to my heater for a few minutes. And it kind of worked but the lines were still there. They’d appear each time my phone went black from transitioning to an app like Instagram, Or discord. If my phones brightness was on it’s lowest setting It would happen much less frequently. A splotch then formed in the bottom left of my screen. I figured it was just a glitch from the water that had got in and the pixel were now messed up. I ended up taking the phone apart (Not completely just the top and bottom areas and took the covers off) and dried the in the speaker area (the only place it was present visibly) And the lines stopped. Kinda. Then a new problem arose… My screen would be on. But go black Or very dark blue. Completely. Sounds will still play. Touch screen is still active (I think?) But the screen would be black. Not the worst part. If I turn the phone off and on. It’s like a 10% chance the normal home screen will be visible. I have to spam the power button to even do anything on the phone for 3 minutes before the process repeats and it turns black again. I left it in rice for a few hours two different times. To no avail. I thought about the splotch on the bottom left of my screen and realized it’s probably not pixels but water trapped inside my screen causing the black screen mess. Oh yeah, And my sound is Sharp. Like too sharp. Not very good sounding basically. And every pixel on my phone is a lot sharped now too, Each one is clearly visible and has rounded edges. I’ve also taken it apart 2 times before to make sure the video connectors are securely in place, Which they are. Coming here as a last resort to this issue.

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