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Released in May of 2019, the Xbox One S All Digital Edition (model number 1681) is a revision to the Original Xbox One S (released in 2016). This model of Xbox One S ships with no Blu-Ray Disc Drive (thus there is no disc slit at the front), exclusively providing downloadable and streamable entertainment.

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My Xbox One S doesn't send a signal to the television

My Xbox One S (All Digital) does not send a signal to the television, I was downloading a mandatory update and when I finished I started to download a game that I bought online, everything was fine, the update did not present any problem but then the download of the game crashed so i rebooted the Xbox but it no longer works.

My console sometimes turns on and then not, if I want to turn it off I have to press the power button for a long time. My TV's HDMI says “This source is not connected. Please check the connection again ”. I have all the cables connected and have changed them to test if they all work. But that already worked before. Another thing that I need to record is the wireless controller, which blinks and stays like this as if waiting for something.

Link to the video of the problem my console (Youtube): https://youtu.be/lXsKyQZ939o

I hope you can help me, some have told me that she tries to format it but obviously I don't want to do that. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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I think that the update changed your console’s display settings (most likely reset them) so you may have to change them.

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It may be and it may not, in my case I did not see any problem with the update but it may be that I am wrong. But still I can't change the console settings because it won't let me do it. I try as they say to reset the screen settings but nothing happens.

I think I have the problem of the second case that is the most serious on the following page: https://n9.cl/b1bdx

Anyway I will try again, thanks for answering!


I had to factory reset mine.


yea well these fixes are truly insightful, yet , did no one understand that this man has no functioning display?? for those people that don't understand , that means he cannot see a menu, or screen, or safe mode or any other of the wonderful suggestions made by people here.

sometimes i think people just want to hear themselves talk....


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