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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 5 smartphone. Released October 15th, 2020. Model Number: GD1YQ, GTT9Q

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Where is the teardown?

Where is the teardown and repairability score for this phone? It's been out for 5 months and all there is is a x-ray. The pixel 4a, 4a 5g, every iPhone model, every Samsung model, Xbox, ps5, random Chinese manufacturer phones, OnePlus Nord, watches, speakers, headphones, even lame phone game controller s all get teardowns. But googles main phone for the year? Nothing.

Pixel 1-4 all got one. But the 5? ignored.

Disappointing by iFixit standards. Not a single repair guide or even parts.

But yeah let's tear down a robot pillow with a tail.

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If you really need a teardown video you can find some on YouTube. Do you have a broken one and looking how to fix it?

Do you actually need help or are you just disappointed iFixit doesn’t have a guide yet?

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ifixit is known for their professional teardowns, which just don't take devices apart, they walk through the process and take their time discussing various components that make up the device. and tell consumers how repairable the device is

people on youtube just take the devices apart, which I bet most of the time they follow ifixits teardowns. they don't take the time to go over the device as they take it apart. JerryRigEverything destroys phones, then takes them apart, which isn't ideal. he tests durability, not reparability.

i don't have a broken device, but I'm not the only person in the world who has this phone.


@Nick Well there isn't anything you can do about that unless you want to make the repair guide. It will be in iFixit eventually, but if someone needs their Pixel 5 fixed I'm sure a YouTube video could get them through it (not JerryRigEverything, there are youtubers that don't destroy their phone before the take it apart).

However, this page is for help and fixing devices so posting something like this just adds a question to the list with no real benefit.


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It’s likely the exact same as the Pixel 4a which has already been covered.

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1. it is not the same as the pixel 4a, or the pixel 4a 5g. different phones all together.

2. even if it was then why have a teardown of every iphone 12 model? they are basically all the exact same phone. in fact they did the 12 and 12 pro teardown on the same teardown because they are exactly the same on the inside, save for the camera module. but they both get a detailed teardown and reparability score


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This teardown I found very helpful. It's a full battery replacement and reassembly

Google Pixel 5 Battery Replacement - by Geardo

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