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The Epson WF-2540 is an all-in-one color inkjet printer. It features a 2.5-inch LCD touchscreen and four individual ink cartridges.

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Epson Printer All lights are blinking.

Hello everyone,

I was sent out my old printer Epson ET 2500 Printer, but it had ink leakage and was all over it, though i cleaned it but i do not know where is the SENSOR that detects that paper is stuck, i checked and opened the printer pretty much 80-90% and there isn't anything i could find and i do not know where i could find that sensor.

I even bought and replaced the inkpads but yet it is giving me error of all lights blinking. so i thought maybe someone has this error and had fixed or know where about is the SENSOR that i could try my hands on cleaning please?

Thanks for your time!

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I am still looking for this anyone has same problem or ever fixed this issue?


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i had the same problem with my 1410 and changed mainboard and it got ok. but i was wondering which electronic part has become faulty.

anyone knows?

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