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The Nikon Coolpix 995 a 4 x optical zoom, 38 - 152 mm with rotating handle was released in 2001.

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camera won't turn on, via battery or AC adaptor

Hello! Camera appears dead and I'm pretty sure I need to take it apart. Under Troubleshooting Tips C. Layman has posted "If none of the above solutions work you might have a hardware problem which could be a loose wire or connection internally. Follow the step by step instructions on disassembly provided." I can't seem to find the disassembly instructions - can you provide a link? Thanks!

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My first suggestion would be that you take a good look at your battery. Make sure the pins are not corroded or bent. Change the battery as well or try to charge your in a separate charger. Make sure that the cable to your camera is in good working order and that the port for the cable is clean. If any of this fails, you can download the complete service manual for your camera right here Hope this helps to get your camera going again. Good Luck

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I have the same problem with my Coolpis S8000. It suddenly stopped to charge att was unable to transport via USB. This happened when I used other usb Cable as the original. Now the camera works if i puts a full charged battery in it only. I Think it had som problem even Before like not charging very well. Could this be a eassy fix?

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