LCD Compatibility between Vibrant and Vibrant 4G

A Vibrant 4G came into the shop today with a cracked screen. I put the board into a regular vibrant that we have in house to test functionality and it worked. Has anyone replaced a Vibrant 4G LCD assembly with one from an original Vibrant? Any issues? I do know about the front facing camera and that I will need to remove some paint so it will be able to see through the front panel, I did the FFC mod on my original vibrant. The reason I want to use the Original Vibrant LCD assembly is because there do not seem to be any 4G LCD assemblies available in the US and the customer does not want to wait 3 weeks for their phone.

The LCD assemblies are compatible I ordered the vibrant one and swapped it onto the 4G and all was well. The only modification I had to do was scrape away the black coating on the glass to accommodate the front facing camera.

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