Nexus 6P Hard Brick (nonstop restart) - Is there a fix?


I purchased a Nexus 6P ~5 years ago, used it for about a year.

One day during normal operations it just glitched, restarted and died, when I tried turning it on again it kept restarting until the battery died or after 15-20 minutes.

The recovery screen is REACHABLE - BUT, it’s OEM locked and I couldn’t find a way to unlock it to try and flash the device, tried ADB, other various tools to pry open android internals, nothing worked.

I moved on to trying weird methods such as freezing the device or heating it in the camera/finger print scanner area..

Freezing slightly ‘worked’ - it hanged longer during the boot up process (still didn’t boot) instead of restarting after ~10 seconds.

Are there any methods to turn my brick into a working phone again?

Any hardware/software solutions or ideas are welcome!

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