No ringer and screen rotation not working.

iPhone 6s (A1633). My friend dropped her phone into shallow water (3”) and immediately retrieved it, almost before it hit the bottom. I was there, I immediately shut it off. I took it out of it’s case and put it face down in the sun on a paper towel until I could find a small electronics vacuum in my garage and sucked every orifice/opening clear. Phone was then opened up, battery disconnected and everything was left to dry outside in the shade on a warm day. That was last summer. Since then the phone has worked fine save these 2 issues.

1) Ringer does not work. Phone still vibrates, speaker still works for sounds, alarms, speaker phone, videos, etc. Just no ringer regardless of the position of the ring/silent switch on the side of the phone (her iPad rings so when she is home, that’s what she relies on). In her car, the ringer comes through the car speaker fine. Change the position of the ring/silent switch and it when you adjust volume, it always shows the ringer is off.

2) Automatic screen rotation does not work. When changing from vertical to horizontal mode, phone does not flip the screen image. Yes, that function is unlocked on the utility screen.

I’ve suggested she just get a new phone but she says I’ve fixed her phone so many times (actually it was 2 previous phones) so she has asked me to fix this one.

Other than a volume/switch assembly, anything else I should look into getting or looking at carefully for either of these two issues?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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