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The Samsung Galaxy A10e is a lower-mid range Android device released by Samsung in February 2019. Identifiable by model numbers SM-A102(U, U1, W, or DL).

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My battery won't charge with flashlight on

I've checked all my settings a hundred times. The battery is fine (the phone is only a week old).. so how do I fix the issue of it not charging when I turn on my flashlight?

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Hi @msticdream ,

Has doing this worked OK before?

Does it stop charging when the flashlight is turned on or just not start charging if the flashlight is already on?

Charging the battery may not be possible when using the flashlight feature at the same time. The algorithm used by the charging circuit may not be designed to do this. Perhaps at best it could be just maintaining the battery at its present state of charge so that in effect the battery is not discharging but also it is not increasing the battery’s charge.

Does the battery show that it has discharged by any % amount at all if you have the charger connected and the flashlight on and then turn the flashlight off after a suitable amount of time has elapsed?

If convenient, try turning off WiFi, BT and GPS (location services?) if enabled and see if that helps. They all use a lot of power, which could be used otherwise if they are not required. If still no good you may have to turn off the flashlight to charge the battery.

It’s not really a “flashlight” if it’s tethered to a power outlet though is it? It’s more like an ordinary powered light. Old tradesperson’s adage “use the right tool for the job” might be applicable ;-)

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