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A zipper found on clothing and gear to keep everything zipped up!

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Replacement zipper slides - Buy

I would love to repair my favorite Patagonia GoreTex rain jacket, where can I purchase a replacement Ideal brand 5 DB (grey color) slide?

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I have spent hours on this problem. Older/other Patagonia site said you could get a replacement zipper and stop at any Patagonia store. I have called several (none are here in Missoula) and also tried REI, a local outdoor equipement store, and the Dillon, MT outlet. No one seems to have any idea what I am talking about. Thank goodness Patagonia products are better than this web site!!!!


You need to go onto the Patagonia website & submit a repair order. Cost is $5 for shipping and the repair will take about 4-6 weeks.


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I would contact Patagonia and explain exactly what you are looking for. I’m sure they will be willing to help.


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