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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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MacBook Pro is totally unresponsive

First off the details of the system.

Macbook Pro 13 inch Late 2019 , Touchbar version.

The Problem

The macbook suddenly died yesterday when I tried to turn it on. I thought it was a just a battery issue since I don't remember spilling anything on it or forcing anything on the laptop and it was working fine the night before, all i see is a black screen and I'm assuming the macbook still has life since I can click the touchpad and also since I can get the laptop to DFU mode in the Apple Configurator 2 but with no success of being able to boot it up with any of the options from Apple Configurator.

I end up with a Padlock on the Apple Configurator 2 after every attempt at revive or restore and I don't know what that means since there's not much detail about that online.

Is there anything else I could try or does anyone know the reason for the Padlock on Apple Configurator 2 and what it means if the laptop keeps going back to it after every attempt at restore?

I’ve tested

  • SMC Reset
  • Trying to boot into recovery
  • Trying to boot into safe mode


Macbook stuck on black screen with no signs of life, smc reset and pram reset's were tried and so was reviving and restoring via Apple Configurator 2, the next thing I'm thinking is a board failure which is definitely going to be an expensive repair but I guess that's about it then, any other options or solutions that you might have that I could try?

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Did you buy this system new or used?


New, it’s been an year and half. Maybe more.


Do you have access to an external monitor you can plug into your system? If you do what does it show?


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Same result, a blank screen. Got it checked by the apple service centre, they said the logic board needs replacement.

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Sadly that was what I was leaning toward.


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