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What is this burned part on the logic board?

Hello. I was just trying to bake my old logic board. I had nothing to lose because it was already flawed. Everything went well. The Mac is running again.

After a while it started to smell terrible. I restarted the Mac and used it for a few hours and everything seemed to be working fine.

I removed the logic board again to see if something could be burned: please look at the picture. What is this part used for? And could it be fixed? The Mac still seems to work fine without it. But it still smells awful.

Block Image

Any help appreciated!

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Hey Christoph,

it seems to be a capacitor (like the one left and the two beneath of the destroyed one).

If you could get a schematic (and in addition better: a boardview of your specific board), then you’d eventually desolder it and place a new one.

I don’t know it, but it seems even to be a 22µF “1E7N” type like the others…

But you should be able to solder SMD-parts AND: Please take a look to the boardview for the polarity of this capacitor (it has a plus pole). If you solder it in the wrong direction, it will smell and fire again…

Best Regards and good luck


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Hello Georg,

You are right, it is a "22µF 1E7N" capacitor. I checked another Mac. I'm looking for information on polarity and trying to get spare parts. To be safe, I'll buy several capacitors from this.

Many thanks for your response!



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Yeah, I agree — it looks like a capacitor burst. You can resolder one on, but you should probably not use the computer until it’s fixed if you want to play it safe.

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Hi teardown-er,

many thanks for your answer. It is a capacitor like you mentioned. I do not use the computer till I get it fixed. But I really wonder, why the Mac is still running and everything seems to work normal. But maybe this part of the board is only used when a second monitor is plugged in …

Thank you.


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