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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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My PS4 pro is still loud.


I have a problem with my Playstation 4 pro (version 7016b). After 3 years, the console started to run very loud I don’t know why. If I change resolution to 1080p it doesn't change anything and after 5 minutes of playing the witcher 3 i have about 60db. I won’t even mention about The last of us 2.

My console has a lot of space on all sides.

What i did:

- replaced the fan (nidec)

- replaced thermal paste (gelid extreme) and pads (gelid extreme 1mm)

- cleaned

- rebuild database

Is there anything what i can do?

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Most of the time caused by the thermalpaste. Had the same issue, after replacing the thermalpaste it was resolved. How much did you used? It should be a small amount which needs to be applied. Too much will cause overheating issues. Also, if you apply new paste, be sure you removed all the old paste and cleaned it with alcohol (isopropyl).

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Thanks for response.

I applied small amount and the second time a little bit more but nothing change... maybe I will try once again and take photos.

Do you think arctic silver 5 will be better than gelid extreme?


I have a one question. Service technician told my that my heatsink may be broken and that could be a problem. Its possible to check if it works?


Hi! Artic Silver 5 is the one I use. I do not have experience with Gelid. If the heatsink is broken, then you should see the actual (physical) damage. It does not contain any electronics or so.


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