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Released November 2016 in conjunction with the Surface Studio, the Dial is Microsoft's puck-sized input device. Also compatible with select other touchscreen devices, such as the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

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Microsoft surface book 3 power panel on top found two cracks

Dear sir, I have been using Microsoft surface book 3 for the last 7 months, and it’s still in warranty, but I found some cracks on the top close to the power panel.

Being an Aerospace engineer in my opinion these creaks were found due to stress because of load impact. that is a drawback of this machine.

Without removing the LCD screen, it is possible that it could be changed and fit a new panel because I don’t want to remove the complete LCD.

Do you have an idea regarding the replacement of the system with a new one because my system is on a warranty?


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The top bezel is firmly glued to the back case and pressed underneath the antenna strip, which is glued to the screen, there is no way to remove just that without removing the screen.

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