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Xbox One — третья по счёту игровая приставка от компании Microsoft, являющаяся преемником Xbox 360.

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Heavily damaged Xbox One - broken connector on Front Board.

Trying to nurse back to health a heavily damage Xbox One. I have some success but will not power up.

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There is broken connector on the Front Board that connects from the wifi board to front board. I tried to solder the connector back on with bad results. How does this connector effect the workings the buttons on front panel? Does it mean that controls will not work?

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I am also going to remove and check under the heat sink for damage as it is damaged as well. Though there is no signs of damage to motherboard on either side.

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Update (06/01/2021)

Still no real answer on front board connection. I did manage to take the heat sink off to see if there was any damage underneath. Thankfully nothing I could see … even with a magnifying glass. I did manage to ‘hammer’ out the heat sink using a strip of thick plastic. LIGHTLY tapping with the hammer.

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I managed to get it relatively flat and reinstalled with fresh heat sink compound. Only the word on what function the connector has and possible work around before I can test once again.

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Check out game console repair legion on Facebook. A lot of console techs on it.


This is not really an answer is it.


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An RF connector should not impact power-up in any way. If the console does not power up, you have a big problem.

Judging from the heat sink, I’d say the CPU has massive soldering failures underneath, it’s not worth repairing.

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