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The Galaxy Watch Active2 is a smartwatch from Samsung Electronics. Its model number is SM-R825, SM-R830, or SM-R835 and was released in August 2019. Repair your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 with these guides.

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stuck on rebooting screen not turning on

rebooting screen loop keeps appearing and then disappears without turn on

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seems like you have a hardware issue. its probably under warranty still so contact samsung and see what they have to say bout it. hope this can help can help!

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no Samsung store said it can't be fixed

and after that, I searched online and found out that many people had the same issue with no fix from Samsung or replacement

also people had this issue fixed with active one but same way not working on active 2


I had the same issue a few days ago, but it happened at the same time that the battery stopped holding a charge. Going to replace the battery with one from Amazon and see if that resolves the issue...


So replacing the battery did resolve the rebooting issue, but I broke the ribbon cable connecting the power button to the motherboard in the process so the watch is now inoperable.


I'm getting the same issue after the update just came through. Started seeing error yesterday night. I'll try replacing the battery myself too.


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I am having the same problem with my galaxy active 2. I was wearing it while teaching and it had a 89% charge on the battery and it just all of the sudden started into the reboot loop. I've tried resetting it and it didn't work because I have no connection with my phone. So it's best to try to replace the battery then?

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Possibly, though there's also a way to enter recovery mode that you might try in order to reset it before disassembling the watch. The battery replacement was relatively easy and the battery kit came with instructions, the hardest part was unsticking the old battery from the frame. I dropped the internals when putting it back together which broke the power button cable, as far as I can tell there's no way to fix that. So be careful not to drop it!


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