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Xbox One — третья по счёту игровая приставка от компании Microsoft, являющаяся преемником Xbox 360.

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Why is my Xbox one powering off after a few minutes?

Xbox was working fine but I wanted to clean out all the dust so I followed one of the tear downs on here an dusted out everything no problems nothing broke out everything back the way I found it. Now it shuts off after about a minute or so fan runs great it’s cool on the top It has good ventilation all the dust has been removed. Power cord seems to be good it was just working fine right before I did the tear down. I have restarted it from menu an performed a full shutdown but nothing seems to work.

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Also when it shuts down you have to press the power button to turn it back on the controller will not turn it on for some reason.


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If your Xbox console is unexpectedly shutting down, it may be because it’s not getting enough ventilation, or there may be a problem with the power supply.

''Note: To ensure that your console is receiving the full voltage necessary, plug your console’s mains lead directly into a wall outlet and not any kind of surge protector or extension cord.''

Console shutdowns can sometimes happen due to system corruption, requiring the console be reset to factory defaults. For info on how to reset your console operating system, go to: https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitio...

If you’ve followed these steps but the console continues to shut down unexpectedly, you can request a repair.

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