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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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My device have power but don't boot up

If I connect the AC power to the system it will show full power (fan works - hard drive light is on and giving sound for reading the HDD attached to it)

The problem is it doesn’t complete the process of booting as the fan keeps running, but the light for hard drive is always on (which should turn off in 10 sec before boot) black screen, battery won’t charge.

So its getting power for motherboard but no process is going on (example if I connect a USB drive it shows connection light but won’t read the data)

Any advice will be appreciated and thanks in advance .

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Sadly it does appear your logic board has issues and your battery is likely in need of replacement as well as they used older technology which just doesn’t hold up well.

Locate your system from here Parts for Black/White MacBook systems then drop down to the logic board listing to see if you can find a new board. Finding a good battery will take more effort as you want a fresh battery not a recycled one.

FYI: Determine battery cycle count for Mac notebooks

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thanks for your time but i don't think its a battery issues as it should and does work without it , also when i check the battery its not really bad condition it's like 50% . am thinking it might be a CPU or GPU issues but am not really sure. am looking for work around as its nearly impossible to change the CPU or GPU. yes it might be a logic board issues but am hoping to find anything before get there


@mo7eysha2awa - Please re-read what wrote! The focus was your logic board!

But! You do have a tiger in the hat still. While the battery may appear to work the lifespan of this series battery is quite short Maximum Cycle Count - 300 It also has a short shelf life two years! As the chemicals used in this battery degrade.


well sir i understand that you see that the logic board is the main issues here, but am still trying to test what i can before i change the logic board. and what i meant with my comment that i don't need the battery for my isssues here i understand its about logic board and that's what i hope i can fix it (can't afford to change it)


@mo7eysha2awa - Sadly, you're between a rock and a hard place here!

Unless you have the needed tools to diagnose your logic board issues as well as access to the needed parts this doesn't look like a cheaper option Vs getting a recycled (tested) logic board.

So let's dig in! Do you have a digital multimeter, access to the schematics and boardview drawings for this logic board, understand electronics so you can trace out the power rails and test the logic? Then you still need a rework station (soldering iron & hot air) and good magnifier?

You will need to locate the logic boards board number which starts off 820-xxxx and four digits to locate the docs online.


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