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The Sanyo VPC-X1200 is a 12.1 MP point-and-shoot style digital camera.

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It's not working anymore

The message is : system error!

What can I do?

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"The error message "System Error" is displayed on the LCD continuously.

Try removing and reinserting the battery and removing and reinserting the memory card. Try a different memory card. If this does not resolve the problem, the motherboard will need to be replaced." from here The only other thing that comes to my mins is that you might check for a stuck lens. check on here on how to possibly resolving that problem.

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Hi there,

My sanyo/camera is not working..I sending by to ya'll.

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Hi there,

I went to islands for 1 yr. My camera is not working..


islanderben, remember this is a site where we try to help you fix you own. ifixit does not offer a repair service, at least not to my knowledge :-) So, if you need help with fixing it, give us more detail about your camera.


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