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A standard sized desktop color laser printer by Konica Minolta with a max resolution of 2400.0 dpi x 600.0 dpi.

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Error 2474 on status


I have replaced the toner detection sensor yet still get this error code and it states that the toner cartridges need replacing yet they are new. any help/advice would be much appreciated.

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Try pulling out the Ink cartridge you replaced. And shutting down the printer then putting the cartridge back in after you restart the printer.

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Thanks for your offer of advice, sadly it didn't work. I still get the message that each colour toner is not installed.


Most of the time this happens because the contacts are not clean. Look for a copper or metal contact on the ink cartridge. And be sure they are clean you can use a Pencil eraser to clean them. Then exam where they would touch in the cartidge holder. And clean those contacts. See if that helps.


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