Idle stumbling and getting misfire codes on cylinder 1/3

07 sportage 2.0l has been having intermittent issues with stumbling at idle and on initial acceleration. Started with misfire codes so I replaced the coil packs now I'm getting the misfire codes plus p0011. I put my scan to on it and drive around and it looks like when it is stumbling/stalling the spark advance is going negative? If the spark advance stays between 6 to 8 the car runs fine.

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Does your scan tool have real time data? it sounds like it does. Take a look at fuel trims. And at injector pulse width. And start with the basics. compression test all cylinders. Check fuel rail for constant pressure. And be sure you do not have any fouled plugs. I just had a Miss on cylinder 2 on a pt cruiser. That I was able to fix with just doing an injector cleaning


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