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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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Will I get a free replacement

I bought this MBP second hand with an issue, which IMO is a cooked T-CON Board.

It was bought in January of 2020, so the 1 year warranty is no more, but I am in Germany so we have a 2 year consumer protection law, this states: the seller has to warrant the product not having any manufacturing defects, but 6 months after the purchase it is the consumers duty to prove, that the defect was present at the purchase.

The MBP has never been opened, shouldn’t have liquid damage and doesn’t have any other issues I am aware of.

Can I “easily“ prove that due to the T-CON board sitting between the heatsinks, which apple only cools once the sensors reach “80+C“, it , in normal use, will overheat and get damaged?

Alternativly can I prove that I just never used it wrong?

Or can I get just the T-CON board replaced?


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The T-CON board is part of the display assembly and not replaceable on its own (not an available part).

As to prove the cause thats tricky! While we know and have seen lots of people hitting this issue, it would be hard to prove as either yours or Apples failure. Mostly I blame bad design as Intels CPU’s just run to hot from the limited cooling this system has.

I think you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting your system repaired.

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So I would have to replace my entire display assembly?


@simontt - Sadly yes, The newer design places the T-CON within the main case Vs the older design which had the T-CON within the lid assembly.

Note the difference in the cable routing between the case and the lid with two pathways in the older 2015 systems through the center of the hinges 2 small antenna coax cables and the camera's feed on one side and the other the displays backlight and video feed to the screen. Now with the 2016 onward systems we have four ribbon cables one for the camera, backlight and two for the raw video feeds all coming up the middle. The antennas are now in the uppercase.


That's unfortunate, I'll probably still try it via the legal way, but I don't think I will replace my entire display assembly for a broken T-CON board(it even works sometimes, but I have no idea when and why).

Still thank you for your help Dan


@simontt - Yes, Apple is making it hard! Don't forget to accept the answer - Thanks!


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