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MacBook Pro 2009 Grey Screen.


I have a 15 inch 2009 macbook pro, and when powered on it produces a grey screen. If I boot it holding Command + Option + P + R the light at the front blinks 5 times before getting to an apple logo after about 3-5 minutes but gets no further. I have tried different RAM with the same result, and I cannot boot into safe mode, I just get the 5 blinks on the light and then the grey screen.

Any help would be amazing.


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I have read the webpage but it doesn't really tell me much and the MacBook won't go into diagnostics mode.



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Ouch! This doesn’t sound good!

The SIL indicator blinking five times is a sign the logic board has a problem If the sleep light flashes on Mac

If the sleep indicator light flashes during startup

If you don’t hear beeps, but the sleep indicator light flashes five times when you start up your Mac or wake it from sleep, your Mac might need service. See Find how to service or repair your Mac.

Important: If your Mac has a faulty battery, or no battery, and it runs out of power, you could lose unsaved changes. To avoid this, keep your battery charged.

Time to visit an independent Mac repair shop (one with micro-soldering skills)

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@Harrison Bristow - Time to visit someone who can do deeper system testing.


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