Phone stops charging halfway.

After my phone updated to Android 11, it stopped charging at halfway or so, depending on what battery percentage I charged it on. I had to re-plug in the cord before it starts charging again. I have tried to charge it while the power is off, it works that way but it is bothersome for me. I don't know if it is from the update or it was really the phone's problem. What do I do?

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have you checked your battery health settings it may be set to stop charging automatically halfway in order to increase the battery's lifespan and health


you should try rolling back your phone to the previous version and seeing if that fixes it that way we can narrow down whether this is software or hardware


@rektronik Hi. where can I find the option? I can't find it on mine but I found a "tip" that says:

About continuous charging

Continuous charging over long periods can slightly reduce battery life.


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