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Released April 17, 2020 Model XT2041-4, XT2041-6, XT2041-7, XT2041DL

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Is internal Battery removal and replacement completely impossible?

Is it impossible to repair/replace the internal lithium battery on the Moto G Power(2020)? In other words, is the service life of the battery the effective service life of the device? Was this a design decision by Motorola? Or is the device too new for a solution? Or does the relatively low cost of this particular phone provide insufficient motovation (sic) for a solution?

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It is possible to replace the battery in this device(The Model Number is XT2041-6). In this video, you can see the battery. In addition, batteries are available on Amazon and eBay.

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Thanks for the prompt response! The video was enlightening. Looks like heat is required to loosen the battery module. Not just any "heat" like from an old hair dryer! My new phone is working fine but I tend to keep my phones longer than the average user. I was anticipating what might be involved when the inevitable battery 'poop out' happens. When it does I think I'll take to a professional ...


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