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US models went on sale as a 2012 model year vehicle. Early models include a choice of four-door sedan or five-door hatchback body, 2.0-liter DOHC (148 hp) engine, five-speed manual or Lineartronic CVT with paddle shifting six-speed manual mode.

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I have 7 warning lights Check Engine, Anti Skid, ABS, AT Temp, AWD,

I have 6 warning lights, Check Engine, Anti Skid, ABS, AT Temp, AWD, and Hill Start Assist.

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My friend, you have been blessed with what would appear to be a Subaru curse. Even dealerships don't know what causes it, from what I've found. Some people it is a loose gas cap. Others had bad brake lights. Others still don't know what was actually wrong. They reset it and it went away. They reset every time it happens and continue on their merry way. Dealerships have though everything from wire harnesses to bad valve bodies in transmissions. Dont know if that last one would fix it or not… no one ever went ahead with it…

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I wish I had a better answer. But no one seems to have found a resolution to this, and Subaru hasn't been any help. Take to autozone or O'Reilly and have them read the codes.


I wish you did as well, but I scanned with my OBD and came up with the same answer as the person at Advanced after he scanned my car. (PO700) which is labeled as serious. I have driven the car with these warnings about 150 miles without any indications to me that it isn't safe to drive so I have an appoint at the dealer in two days where I purchased the car So I will let you know if they have found an answer yet. Thank you for your sharing your knowledge.


Did they figure it out? That is a TCM code. Could be a failed trans control module. Definitely serious! From what I'm seeing that part isn't too horribly expensive. Couple hundred $$. Let me know what the dealership said! Having a code definitely helps narrow down the problem!


@brandon_k The dealership mechanic verified that the issue was the Trans control module. Installed a new improved TCM and it did make an improved difference, "at least in my mind" the way the trans shifted.


@swimmingjim so code went away, warning lights shut off? I imagine it did improve the shifting if the tcm was indeed going bad. Glad you got a fix for it! Any time you read the codes, you can Google it and it will tell you what the code means, if you didn't already know that.


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