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Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in March of 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Galaxy S10 not using full capacity of new battery.


I recently bought a new battery for my Galaxy S10 from Ifixit. The install went fine but the phone seems to believe the new battery is the same capacity as the old one. I’ve been looking at the charging info on the Accubattery app and its only putting 2900Mah of charge in the battery but it should be going to 3300Mah with the new battery. I followed the calibration instructions sent by Ifixit (Charge to 100% + 2 hours, fully discharge then charge fully) around 3 time now but still getting the same results. I even used the Samsung quick reset feature (Dial *#0228# and use Quick Start) but get no change in the battery capacity. Any help would be appreciated, I fell like I’ve been sent a used battery that someone else has returned.


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I would reccomend to disregard the app, and peform a simple drain test. Let the battery fully charge + 30 min or so. Then simply put a youtube to play none stop in the background and take note every 15 min of the battery %.

Usually a 6% drop/hr is typical for a proper functioning battery.

If it’s much higher then there may be a manufacturers defect.

The reason I suggest to disregard the app is because there many variables that commes into account about the accuracy of that reading.

I hope this helps

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