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Model PowerBook 1400 Series. Released October 1996

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How do I install the internal Ethernet adapter card?

I obtained a Powerbook 1400 internal Ethernet adapter card and I am looking for instructions on how to install it.

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What is the brand name and model of the Ethernet adapter and which vesion of Mac OS are you using?


OS 9.1

I believe it was manufactured by Newer Tech; I don’t see any markings on it.

I removed it with difficulty from a not working Powerbook 1400c that I recently purchased on eBay.

But it is a very tight space to try to get it installed in my Powerbook 1400c

I want to use it to run Apple’s Localtalk to Ethernet software as a conduit between my Mac SE/30 and my OS X Tiger Server MacMini2,1


Focus Enhancements, Inc. Part number P/N: 10070 Copyright 1996


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There is a small chip card below it that must be removed first.

Then by swiveling the Ethernet card, reinstalling the chip card and wiggling the Ethernet card, it can be installed.

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