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Zeepad 7.0 is an Android powered personal tablet.

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Why can't I download games?

Everytime I go onto the Playstore. I download a game, it won't work. No matter what game I try

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Please clarify your question.

Download but won't install or can download, installs but won't run?

Have you tried updating the Play Store app? Open the Play Store app > tap on Settings > tap on About to check if it needs updating. If it needs updating, follow the update prompts and then try downloading an app and check.

If the Play Store app is up to date, have you checked that the game is compatible with the Android OS in the tablet? I think that your tablet has Android OS Ver.4.0 installed, but it may have been updated since it was released.

Update (08/30/2021)

@Michelle Krystowiak

Try wiping the cache partition.

There’s mot much information about your tablet so try the standard Android method for doing this.

Turn off your tablet and then press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button operated, at the same time i.e. both together.

When the tablet comes on release the Power button but still hold the Volume Down button until the recovery mode menu appears. Then release the Volume Down button.

Use the Volume buttons to navigate down through the list of options until you get to wipe cache partition option and then press the Power button to select the option and then follow the prompts.

After the phone reboots try and see if it works any better,

If the above doesn't work use the Volume Up button instead of the Volume Down button in the above procedure and try again.

DO NOT select wipe data/factory reset as this will erase all your data and downloaded apps and will restore the tablet to its factory default condition. Also as I said earlier, I don’t know what version Android is installed so if the tablet has a Google account then you may need to remember the Google User ID and password to access the tablet again IF you accidentally factory reset it. This is because of the FRP lock that was introduced to prevent someone stealing your device and then resetting it so that they could use it or sell it.

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This Zeepad sucks. Keeps glitching also.


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