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1.4GHz or 1.6GHz Processor, 64GB or 128GB SSD.

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Why my computer is slow?

My laptop is working properly, but slow. Is it worth upgrading the SSD or should I get a new laptop?

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Check to see the capacity of the drive. Next, do a “Force Quit”, and see how many programs are running in the background. Command, option, escape. These extras can be removed in your System Preference > Users > log in items

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Here are some advices:

1. Disable unnecessary service and heavy performance programs.

2. Make sure there is enough free disk space, especially C drive.

3. Defrag hard disk.

4. Upgrade OS.

5. Check and remove viruses and malware.

If you’ve used the computer for years, you can replace an SSD, or even buy a new one.

Hope for a best result.

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Maybe your computer RAM is filled or many unwanted apps are staying in your computer. You can remove it manually and in automatic way. Automatically you need a mac uninstaller. Install a best mac uninstaller and clean your mac by deleting unwanted apps. Any program which you do not wan to stay in your system, remove it using mac uninstaller. You can improve the speed of your mac computer, emptying your memory.


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