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How long does battery calibration take?

Last week I replaced my iPhone 8 Plus battery with an iFixit replacement. I followed the recommended steps for calibrating it, and kept cycling the battery full to empty and back when using the phone for the next couple of days, but it consistently shuts off at around 45-50% battery. It does last longer than the old exhausted Apple battery did, so it seems the capacity is fine, it’s just the calibration that’s off. Is this something that will fix itself with usage? Thanks.

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I have the exact same problem. I followed the calibration steps. But the phone is still shutting down at 40-50% and charging and decharging in jumps as reported in Apple battery settings. Did it resolve itself @edbennett ? Did you find any other solutions?

(Also using iPhone 8 Plus)


No, I talked to iFixit who said it was a faulty battery. They sent a replacement, which had the same problem. While fitting the replacement I damaged my Taptic Engine, and then the replacement I bought for that doesn’t vibrate properly, so I cut my losses and stopped before making the problem even worse and spending even more money. (So now I have a phone that shuts off at 50% battery and with a horrible scratchy vibration like an unhappy floppy drive whenever a haptic event happens.)


@edbennett I DFU restored my phone then restored from backup. Then installed the iOS 16 beta. The result. My battery dies at 10% (rather than 50%) and appears to be getting better with more calibration cycles (100% than 0%). It also charges to 80% then jumps to 100% rather than 50%. I don’t know if the DFU restore or the upgrade to iOS 16 solved the problem. I hope this helps. If it doesn’t resolve itself completely in the next few weeks then I’ll probably replace the battery.


UPDATE: It didn’t solve anything. After a few weeks the phone reverted back to normal broken cycle. Apologies. I got sent a replacement battery and will attempt to fit that.


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I'm sorry to inform you but you need to buy a new motherboard, you may have broken the connecter of the battery so it won't be functioned properly

I also got this problem and realized that

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That was my suspicion as well. I was so careful with the connector though, so I probably won’t bother paying for a replacement logic board as I don’t see how I would avoid making exactly the same error again.


I doubt that two people damaged the connector in the exact same way. The result of which is the battery is fully functional but simply permanently out of calibration. I hypothesise it’s either apple blocking the calibration process if they think a replacement has occurred using third party parts. Or there is a bad batch of iFixit batteries.


New logic board? If and if the connector is damaged then replacements can be soldered on. No need for a whole logic board. To condition the battery you should put it on charge and leave it until it is full. Then use the phone as normal until the battery shows 10% remaining, do not let it die!, then charge it until 100% again. Repeat three or 4 times.


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