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CB Radio (all types) first introduced in 1958.

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CB Radio not functioning - white noise only

I’m trying to get a CB radio (~27MHz) up and running but I’m a bit of a novice. I believe I have the correct equipment, but on all 40 channels I only get white noise of varying strengths. I live in the middle of a city so I would expect to hear something. I will list my equipment below in hopes that that is the issue, other wise I am open to any troubleshooting steps people have in mind. Thanks in advance!

Radio: Uniden PRO505XL - Amazon page no longer exists

Power Plug: Roadpro 12V Fused Replacement Cigarette Lighter Plug with Leads - RPPS-225 - https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0016LG...

AC to DC Adapter (for use in house): AstroAI AC to DC Converter, 10A/110Vto12V DC/120W/7.78FT - https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07JGS8...

Antenna: Bingfu CB Antenna 27MHz CB Radio Antenna Soft Whip Magnetic Base CB Antenna BNC & PL259 - https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B086YYW...

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A few extra notes:

- I have turned on the radio without the antenna connected and I do not hear anything. I would think this rules out electrical interference.

- I have plugged in an external headset and get the same results, so I believe that rules out an issue with the internal speaker.

- I have tried placing the setup in my basement, outside my house, and in my garage. No luck in any location.

- My antenna is new, so it is unlikely to be damaged. My connections are in good condition.

- I have taken the cover off and looked inside; no obvious signs of damage (I can send a picture if someone desires)


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you have the wrong type of antenna setup.... you will need 18ft coax cable and antenna mount, with a descent antenna...( approx. 3ft.) fiberglass rod style or a magnetic base mount, ie. wilson "lil wil" or a K30 mag mount.... these both come with pre-installed coax cable. you will need to set the SWR's on the antenna to a 1:1-1.7 on the meter that you use. the closer you the match, the better... good luck!

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3 easy steps to install a CB radio. Step 1: mount your antenna and coax. Step 2: Route the coaxial cable. Step 3: connect to a power source.

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