Black screen but green power light comes on. I actually have the 55”

What happened to my TV? Power light is green but screen is black!!! TV was in when this happened and it got pink, purple and white vertical lines in some of the screen and we tried to turn it of and back on and now this is all we get.

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@djsmitty88 what is the exact model? Do you have sound? Do you have anything, other than the power LED, at all?


Not sure of exact model. All I get is the power light. No sound, no picture, TV won’t do anything. It is a 2009 model.


Can you find any kind of label on it? It is usually in the back. It does become important. Right now it does sound like your power board supplies the standby voltage but your mainboard isn't doing anything. Is it an LCD TV or a Plasma?


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