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Released in conjunction with the iPad 2, the Smart Cover is a screen protector that doubles as a stand. The Smart Cover works with both the second and third generation iPad.

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Making my Targus iPad2 Case Turn on the iPad?

Is it feasible to add magnets to the panel of a Targus iPad2 Case that faces the screen when the case is closed -- which would turn off the unit when the cover is closed and turn it on when it is opened?

Some specific suggestions for the types of magnets and their exact locations would be helpful.


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Yes it seems possible. Here they are iPad 2 Smart Cover Teardown. The one circled red is the one that turns the display on/off.

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Here is what I did first to try it out..


its just a piece of magnet tape stuck to side of the lid.. I had to play around a bit to find the right spot..

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