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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds.

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Is it possible to repair or replace the speaker in the headphone?

Here in the past 2-3 days the right earbud of my Galaxy Buds Pro has gotten quieter and quieter to the point that now I don't believe the speaker is functioning anymore. The battery is charging and holds charge and the touch functions all work as well, just no audio output. Is there a way to replace it myself? If not does anyone know of a company that is capable of replacing the speaker? Ubreakitifix is a company that I found that will fix them but ONLY if they have insurance… I don't want to have to spend another 140-200 on a new set and would like to believe there is a better option as the left one still works perfectly fine.. please help.

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Actually yes. This guy in China does it.


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@craigburdett I guess. I've only been studying them for 20 years, I'll try my best.


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