Samsung Galaxy a30s screen is green/pixelated/glowing when turned on

Hello, just joined here because I really need a solution to this issue which just started happening today and I can’t find anything anywhere else online. Previously my Samsung Galaxy a30s has been working as usual until after I locked it earlier today the screen wouldn’t turn on after I unlocked the phone. So I did a hard reboot (holding the volume down and power buttons to force a reboot), and the phone restarted without issue. This happened twice, both after I was unable to unlock successfully, and the second time instead of the Samsung Galaxy a30s logo, a greenish white dot showed up on the top of the screen and it slowly faded to a pixelated static glowing white green for a few moments or so until it flickered to black and went to the next Samsung logo.

After locking it later foolishly believing I might have fixed the problem, the black screen issue occurred again when I tried to unlock, this time it won’t even reboot normally at all, it just goes to this mess no matter how many times I try to hard reboot, not even trying to force the combination to safe mode works. If anyone would try to figure out why this occurs and if it can be fixed without needing a screen replacement, I’d very much appreciate it. I’m actually kinda paranoid I might’ve accidentally erased all my data by pressing a random reboot combination since the screen just stays on this pixelated green without flickering at all and trying to plug it to PC via USB doesn’t bring up any storage devices. can’t even know for sure since I can’t freaking see anything. XD

Immediately after turning on:

Block Image

20 seconds later:

Block Image

Anyway, please let me know as soon as possible what’s behind this and any fixes that are available. Thanks a lot! :)

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