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The eMachines ET1831-05 is a budget desktop system produced by eMachines.

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Can l savage any parts ... to use with eMachines desktop?

Can l savage any parts from a old Dell inspiration 1545 and have old gateway nv79 laptops besides hd to use with emachines desktop? Wireless card or Bluetooth module, anything, seems like l could use something ? Any ideas or comments appreciated, thanks

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you can as long as the box you are putting them in supports that standard for the piece. like RAM there is DDR2, DDR3, DDR4. wifi is usually in a M.2 slot or PCI/e slot and so one. you just have to find out if the newer one has the slots for it. as for the HDD and SSD they are universal but really old ones are IDE and without a adapter can not work on the newer SATA port but the adapter is like $5

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