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A Desktop PC built from off-the-shelf DIY parts, rather than a prebuilt from a major manufacturer. These can also be built by an SI using off-the-shelf parts.

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Can power supply fuse (F12.5A) be replaced wih a 12A fuse?

The F12.5A ceramic fuse for 700 watt ATX power supply is blown, I think it may have been because of an accidental short. I have searched widely and although different sites list the fuse, no one has one and seem to indicate that the fuse is no longer produced. Would a 12A fuse work or is that half amp a deal killer? The load would be MB, 3 HD, 1 optical drive. Video would not be a gaming one.

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Yess O.5 amp lower is acceptable, make sure to test fuse by checking its continuity through a tester meter always before installing it.

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hadn't thought about testing the fuse - useful!


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Lower is fine but NOT higher.

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