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The T Flight Hotas 4 is a joystick controller manufactured by Thrustmaster in 2015 that is used for specific flight simulation games. Model number 4169083 is currently supported by PC and PlayStation 4.

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fake hotas 4 joystick

Amazon sold me a fake HOTAS 4 joystick. I had ordered this model for my PC game Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). I was unable to control aircraft with it. On opening the bottom panel, I found the hardware PCB is marked HOTAS X PS 4 2015.

Que: Can I use this joystick with a HOTAS X PS 4 driver on my PC?

Any other solution? Please help. Thanks

Vishwas Karmarkar

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How do you know it is fake? Also, did you install the latest drivers

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How do I paste the picture of the hardware -PCB-? After about a month trying to set the HOTAS 4(?) right, I opened the bottom panel to find that the PCB was marked HOTAS X PS4 2015. The a/c kept going out of control after a few seconds- going in a dive to the right. Both Amazon and Thrustmaster admitted their fault after I sent them ALL the information and pictures. Amazon warranty is valid for ONE YEAR. Yet they kept on their chats and advice from March 2020 till Feb 2021 when they refused to replace this FAKE HOTAS. Yes, I tried all their drivers etc. That is the first thing to do for installing the joystick anyway. I have been using Saitek Cyborg 3d Gold past 20 yrs. SO I packed up this fake HOTAS, hoping to get it replaced.


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