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A USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is a common type of cable used to connect devices such as computers, smartphones, printers, cameras, and other electronics. It is designed to transfer data and power between devices, and is often used for charging devices as well.

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Usb rats nest identification assistance...

So ive googled around and cant find solid info on what exactly each of these wires is responsible for

Block Image

for those counting thats 2 red, 4 silver, one green, one white , pluss the foil shielding and the wire mesh around that. Green and white are data+/-, at least one red is power… any help on the rest?

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What is this cable for?


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Having two sets of power lines is often done to improve power delivery. Inspect and/or probe continuity between the two Black & Red wires (power) are they shorted from the other side?

Without knowing which USB standard you are working off and the cables use I can’t tell you much more.

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There are no black wires...


@agnawn uh mous - The silver (black) wires are the negative and ground.

You'll need to use a Continuity/Ohm meter to investigate what the devices wiring is. As ideally you don't want to mix the negative and grounds as even though they are similar one is filtered the other is not.


Probably should've mentioned type a to type c


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