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My gaming laptop still works but nothing on screen.

My problem to my gaming laptop is that my computer turns on but it doesn't show nothing on the screen and its fully charger. Please give me an answer..

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What happens is you plug the laptop into an external display?


Hey i have the same issue. Have you resolved it?


@Sriram R same question to you "What happens is you plug the laptop into an external display?"


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Try to removed the battery of possible, also make sure that the charger is unplug. Press and hold power button for 10 seconds. (if you’re wondering we are not trying to turn on the laptop yet, we are doing a power drain) Now put the battery back in and try to power it. If it still don’t work, check if its a defective screen, buy using an external monitor. If the laptop has an HDMI port you can use your TV as an external monitor.

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