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The Galaxy Note10 Lite was released in January 2020. It is a mid-range variant of the Note 10.

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Not charging, charging board replace to no avail.

Samsung Note 10 lite wont charge. Used a different USB cable and charger to no avail. So I decided to replaced the charging board since it was easy to replace. But to my surprised it still wont charge. It will show that charging ICON, but does not show how much percentage of the battery. (seem to be an indication that is still not charging correctly) Pressing the power and volume does work, but the phone will just turn off again. I have check continuity of the ribbon cable and its perfectly ok. Due to frustration I stop working on it for a few days. Now when I try to plug in the charger it wont even show the charging icon.

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Have you tried another battery?



the battery is good but it dose not charging


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Charger connector problem

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Hi, @geozygoh,

Sorry to hear about your connector being broken! We can’t provide you with any repair advice right now though because we don’t know exactly what we’re working with. Please update your post to include the make, model, symptoms of your problem, and the troubleshooting you’ve already tried.


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