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Happy mac chime but the screen is black completely, Please help

I have a pristine MacBook Pro mid 2007 15” A1226 2.40ghz with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 256 MB. I hear a chime but no video, i have tried smc and pram reset and nothing works. I also tried booting it off of the original Mac OS X and the screen does not change just black, but no lines. I took it apart and i cant see anything broken or loose. I can’t figure out what’s broken in it, Please help.


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What happens when you plug in an external display?


When i plug it in a external display the screen is remaining black, and fans come on at full.

thanks for the suggestion, wish this was a easy fix


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Sadly there is not much you can do here as this series had two issues as I outlined here: Why is the Nvidia gpu failing?

Sometimes you can get a bit more life out of the system by using a rework heat gun heating up the chip to cause the solder joints to reflow. This is a 50-50 gamble! And you do need to be careful you don’t over heat things.

Frankly, given its age its not very useful as you can’t run newer (safer) OS’s and the version of web browser it has won’t work on many web sites. Let alone lack of availability of parts.

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Thank you for solving the problem with my MacBook Pro , I still like non unibody Mac's though so I may try a reflow like what you are saying.

Thanks for helping,


Here's a bit more on the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT MacBook Pro (Nvidia 8600M) GPU/Video Failures


Thanks for the info, also a bit scary that they can fail from heat (currently using Mid 2007 MacBook Pro 17").


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