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EWA A106 Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Travel Case, IPX6 Waterproof, Bluetooth V5.0, Enhanced Bass, for Outdoor, Shower, Sports, Beach, Hiking, Camping (Black)

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I can’t get the end of usb cable in the speaker to charge

I can’t get the cable to go into the speaker to charge.

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Hi, is there potentially somthing stuck inside of that charge port or a damaged charge port which could be causing the issue.

If you haven't already make sure charger is the correct way round or the correct charger is being used.

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Hi Karen, I’m assuming nothing.

There are a couple of different types of USB based connectors in use at the moment, some are newer and some are older.

Are you sure you have the correct type for the speaker? There’s 3 different plug form factors in use in my house which is a real pain sometimes as it causes a lot of confusion.

The connectors only go in one way, but it can be hard to see which way - have you tried turning the cable over and try the other side?

The 3 dominant cables at the moment would be the Apple lighting type, the USB mini and the USB- C (on the go type)

If this is beyond basic, then I’m thinking the device could have fallen over while a cable was installed and damaged the surface mount usb plug on the circuit board.

- Can you share a picture?

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