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Vizio 42" LED TV released in September 2012.

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The tv lens & or screen needs repair. Can it be done?

My vizio E420-AO needs the lens & or screen repaired. Can it be done?

Update (01/21/2022)

I guess I’m wrong about tv lens, but the screen was hit hard, & is cracked where it was hit, & have the vertical lines showing in that area. It’s a Vizio E 420, & the question is can this be repaired by tv repair stores?

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What is the problem with the TV? Not sure what you mean by "lens".

If the screen is physically cracked it cannot be repaired and replacing the screen, if you can find a replacement, costs more than half the cost of a new TV.


Thanks for the response.??


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It can be repaired but the difficulty may be in finding a compatible replacement screen as usually they're hard to find and as stated before, the cost makes you hesitate as buying new is preferable as it is not too much more.

You can always try advertising the TV boards for sale to recoup some of the cost towards a new TV. Working TV boards are always in demand i.e. Vizio E420-AO cracked screen - boards OK

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Thanks for your response Jayeff. It helped me on my decision.??


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