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The Corsair Gaming K70 is a fully mechanical gaming keyboard with an anodized, brushed aluminum chassis for a professional-grade look and feel.

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Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Quickfire - Remove Screws for Front Panel

To detach the front panel it requires some hidden screws to be found and unscrewed first: Where and how does one access all the screw locations?

There are two hidden screws, one looks to be under the ‘Corsair’ logo, but not to succeeding at removal even when willing to cause damage, and the other screw is in the top-right corner beneath the right side of the ‘audio wheel' panel.

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Just pulled a K70 LUX RGB Apart and I can confirm that you need to remove these two hidden screws. You can remove the logo carefully with a utility blade. The plastic cover to the right of the volume wheel also needs to be removed pry it open from the top or bottom not sure how it should come off it is a semi circular piece of plastic. There are another 22 Phillips #000 Screwdriver screws for a total of 24 screws. Good Luck.

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Thanks for that tip - I could tell I was missing a screw, but wasn't willing to "explore" around the volume wheel and risk breaking things. In the end I had to break the plastic cover to expose the screw; agreed, I don't see how you're supposed to get it out intact.


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